The GTA 6 Release Date Will Be Announced Very Soon | In Which You Will Get to See Single Player Mode

gta 6

The release date of GTA 6 i.e. Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be announced very soon. According to sources, according to this week’s report by Take-Two Interactive, the plans of DLS and Sales of the franchise of Grand Theft Auto can be revealed in 2021. You will get to see this game very soon. And according to sources, this game will be launched very soon.

Rumored GTA 6 Release Date

As reported from the sources, the announcement of the release of GTA 6 will be made in the earnings report of Take-two Interactive. This is on the 18th of May of 2021. If seen on the basis of rumors, then there was talk of launching this game by the year 2023. This was to be done in Miami.

According to the reports, this game can be the title of Xbox Series X and PS5. But many people are still waiting for this game very eagerly. New map vehicles and many smart features can be seen in this game.

Leaked GTA 6 Vice City Map, Single Player Mode

Developers say that in this game, Gamers is going to get the experience of the Next Level. And in this game single-player mode will still be retained so that the gamers will not face any difficulty or trouble in playing the game. Game developer Scott Bouchard told a magazine that the game can be viewed online along with it.

And he said that as per the wishes of the players in the future, they will continue to inject the program. Developers say that gamers will get to see single-player mode in this game. So that the players can enjoy the game more.

But right now developers are trying to bring GTA 5 in PS5 and Xbox series. But after the GTA 6 map was leaked, the developers rejected the fact that right now our right is focused on GTA 5. But soon GTA 6 will also be launched.

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