The Legality or Otherwise of IPL Betting in India |

IPL Betting in India

While everyone wants to enjoy and make predictions on their favorite IPL games in India, it is essential to do so within the bounds of the law. In this article, we will going to provide you some important facts and information related to IPL Betting In India.

So let’s begin the article.

What Is the Legal Status of IPL Betting in India?

India is home to a billion-plus people and occupies more than eighteen percent of the world’s population. It is a country where Bollywood and Cricket provide just more than entertainment. For Indians, it has essentially become a lifestyle.

While there can be no conflict in debating the issue of the legality of watching Bollywood movies, the same, however, can’t be said about the betting industry in the country. The common question on everyone’s lips is whether online betting is legal in India.

In this article, the answer and how the rules and regulations came to be will be discussed dutifully. With that said, let’s familiarize you with some of India’s sports betting decisions first.

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Betting Laws India: Brief History

Betting-related was first banned in India during the colonial period using the Public Gambling Act 1867. This rule made all forms of house-operated gaming services illegal in the country. In 1950 the constitution of India was created, and it provides that states are permitted to create their gambling laws. Hence, instead of installing a federal law that bans all forms of bets, the government left that decision to each state in the country.

That means every state in India has its laws that govern the activities of bettors in the state. For instance, making predictions on skill games is permitted in Maharashtra, but luck-based games are strictly prohibited. This also applies to states like Karnataka and some others.

In comparison, the government welcomes such gaming activities for Indian states like Sikkim but puts its laws to regulate online betting. They accept licenses for operators or bookmakers that wish to offer these services in the state in a bid to control such platforms.

Lastly, a few states have no apparent law against or for online predictions. This makes the entire concept a gray area in such states. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, it is not legal or illegal to place bets. This means the law is silent on IPL betting. Therefore by law, it is not a prosecutable offense to bet online in that state. Maharashtra is one of the stricter states because of its clearly stated laws.

The focal point of all of these is that laws relating to game predictions differ from one state to another, and to be on the safer side of the law, being informed is essential. As a professional bettor, before you get involved in the fun of trying to make money wherever you find yourself, try familiarizing yourself with the laws provided for that region.

The Current Legal Position on Sports Betting in India

As mentioned earlier, some states in India vary in their stance on games of skills and chance. The skill-based games naturally depend on a player’s knowledge and are essentially not illegal in Indian law. At the same time, games of luck are mostly considered illegal in India.

However, the fine line between skill-based and luck-based games is often blurry, which leaves some loopholes to exploit in the gaming scene. But still, only horse race betting is completely legal in India.

The main law that applies to every state in the country remains the Public Gaming Act of 1867. Those who are caught violating the law are fined or imprisoned. Another law that applies to the legality of IPL betting and gambling in the country is the Prize Competition Act of 1955. This law states that participating in competitions that give over INR1,000 in winnings is prohibited.

The Information Technology Act of 2000 may be worth mentioning, but it doesn’t specifically identify online gaming and predictions, leaving that law almost ineffective.

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India’s Massive Potential for Sports Betting

India is the second most populated country globally, and it has one of the youngest populations. Data shows that the average age of the Indian population is on the young side. Younger Indians are more interested in technology and use their smartphones to make videos, play music, and even go online.

With their passion for sports, cricket is the most popular one, attracting significant IPL betting activities. The number of Indian people who bet regularly amounts to over 145 million. A large percentage of this number bet online across different sites.

For many individuals in India, placing bets is an avenue to make money from your favorite sport beyond watching them play. With some federal laws and control over online gaming activities, India gains millions or even billions from these activities.


In India, every state decides its laws, and not many have made one. In essence, this means that online betting is permitted in India, except for only a few states. So, if you aim to be a professional better in India or betting is just a hobby, you have enough liberty to do so.

However, don’t just jump at it, do your research to ensure you’re placing bets on a licensed platform like Parimatch. Beyond that, when you choose the platform, you can enjoy amazing odds, security of transactions, and bet effectively on the mobile app provided.


Online betting is a risky thing. Before playing any online betting or money making games, get some advice to an expert or read the risks, terms & conditions. There are chances that you can loose your hard earned money in this types of betting games. This article is just for informational purposes. is not responsible for any financial losses or damages.

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