Tips To Win More At Online Blackjack

Tips To Win More At Online Blackjack

One of the most profitable casino games is blackjack, which can deliver more than a 99% return to player (RTP) percentage when playing certain variations. Unlike many online casino games, it’s possible to make big profits playing blackjack. 

However, it’s also a lot of fun for players to watch their bankroll get bigger, no matter what else is happening at the table. That being said, there are top online casino tips for winning at blackjack.

The online version of the game has many positive attributes that make it a favorite of many gamblers as opposed to playing in a land-based venue. These facilities offer different rules that may not be as favorable to players as when they play online, with some offering RTPs as low as 98%. 

Blackjack can be an exciting game, especially when playing with live dealers that go on a losing streak while the whole table is winning. It can be disappointing to lose while playing a casino game with the best odds of winning.

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Use a Single Strategy

One of the best tips for online blackjack players is to follow a primary strategy. Beginning players can find a basic strategy card online, which will help them understand when to stay and when to take a hit, depending on what the dealer is showing. Players who don’t apply a basic blackjack strategy are essentially throwing their money away, which the casino is okay with. 

However, to keep their odds of winning at the highest level, it’s also essential to maintain this strategy. Learning a basic strategy takes little time, but players that want to maximize their winnings will only be successful if they play at an optimal level.  

Never Buy Insurance

Blackjack allows players to make a side bet, called insurance if the dealer shows an ace. This is for players to protect themselves if the dealer turns over their hold card and has blackjack. If the player buys insurance and is correct in assuming the dealer has blackjack, it pays 2 to 1. 

Players can only buy insurance for half the value of the main bet. However, the player still loses the main bet if they win this side bet. Furthermore, because the dealer will likely have blackjack on less than one-third of their hands, these insurance bets will lose money in the long term. 

Understand the House Edge

Before playing blackjack at an online casino, knowing the house edge is essential to see how much is paid out to players. The odds of winning are significant in blackjack, and a slight variation in the house edge can make a big difference in how much a player can profit. 

The house edge is usually easy to find at online casinos. Players should always check the number of shoes used at each table, which determines the advantage. The more decks used, the more the house edge will increase. 

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Bankroll Management

All successful blackjack players know the importance of managing their bankroll. Players should first decide on the maximum amount they feel comfortable losing before getting started in any online casino game. Once reaching the maximum, players should always walk away and return another day. 

It’s important to spend less time and money chasing losses. Players should also only bet what they can afford to lose to ensure they can return for another session where they may be more profitable. 

Choose the Right Online Casino

When first venturing into online blackjack, it’s critical that players find the best online casino to meet their needs while ensuring it’s a safe and secure site. They also should take advantage of the best welcome bonus possible when searching for that provider. 

Online casinos also offer different odds on their blackjack offerings, while others will provide more promotions and bonuses for loyal customers. Once the preferred provider is found, players should always play a few practice hands to get used to the game’s speed and strategy.


Casino / Gambling related or other online money-making games can be risky and there are chances that you can lose your hard-earned money. So play it at your own risk or safely. This article is just for informational purposes.

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