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Top 3 Jackpot Slots

What is a jackpot slot machine?

A jackpot machine is a slot machine that allows you to win big prizes. These games are not only about combining the standard symbols of the slot machine, but players can also win an extra amount of money by spinning the jackpot symbols together. Those symbols will give you a much higher amount of money and can even reach several million in some online games.

A jackpot slot machine differs considerably from a normal slot machine. With the normal, the amounts for the different symbols are fixed. The biggest difference, however, is in the chance that these can be rotated. The chance that a player will win a jackpot is small. Still, it is a unique challenge to add to the slot experience.

A progressive jackpot is the most popular jackpot in casinos. The reason for this is that high prizes can be won with it. Every time someone places a bet on one of the jackpots, the amount within the jackpot increases.

This can increase the amount to many millions. The more people playing within the network, the bigger the jackpot is. However, luck is needed to clear the amount with a bet. Unlike other jackpots, there are larger amounts to be won, but luck is an important factor.

According to these are the top 3 jackpot slots!

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1. Mega Moolah

The best jackpot slot machine that can be found at casinos is Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah is regularly in the news because people have become multimillionaires. At Mega Moolah, players can win several million rupees with the progressive jackpot.

In this game there are not one, but four progressive jackpots to be found. Recently a player from Belgium won over 19 million euro on this slot! With the regular symbols, winnings of up to 10000 rupees are possible. The RTP is 96.96 percent including jackpot, without jackpots it is only 88 percent.

2. Mega Fortune

One of the best jackpot slots at the moment is Mega Fortune. It is a slot machine from which many big winners have already emerged. At Mega Fortune you can find a progressive jackpot, which can go up to several million.

This jackpot falls approximately every 2.5 months, with an average of three to four million euro/dollar to be won. However, much larger amounts have also been paid out. The payout percentage is 96.60 percent, which also includes the jackpot function. In the regular game, the RTP is only 89.10 percent. Mega Fortune is therefore mainly about winning the jackpot. This game is available at almost all new casino sites online. A popular website with many slots is Ekbet.

3. Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods is one of the slots that tops the list. It is a slot machine developed by NetEnt and has a large number of functionalities. Hall of Gods has an RTP of 95.30 percent and players can play for as little as 20 rupees.

Hall of Gods has three different jackpots. The largest is the Mega progressive jackpot, which can reach several thousand euros. In addition, there are symbols of Thor’s hammer and Odin, which pay out four thousand coins. The more bets placed, the more chance there is of the largest amounts.

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Playing casino or gambling related games can be risky as there are chances that you can lose your hard earned money. Before playing any kind of online earning games make sure you read all terms and conditions before. The article is just for informational purposes and we are not responsible for any kind of losses or damages.

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