Top 5 Rummy Time Hacks to Use to Make your Rewards Double in Seconds

Rummy is one of the oldest skill based card games played all over the world. It has several versions, and people enjoy a good game of Rummy now and then. The game requires you to think strategically and make the right move. Playing Rummy online is one of the best ways of spending your leisure. 

You can play this fantastic card game on Rummy Time as it allows you to play the game in multiple ways. You can play at tournaments as well as cash games. The best part about playing in Rummy Time is that you can win up to lakhs in a single day. 

More About the Rummy Time App 

The app is an interesting platform that offers you a plethora of advantages. The user interface is clean, and you shall not face any difficulty when navigating through the app. It also offers you several perks and bonuses; for example, you are entitled to receive Rs. 100 when you sign up and up to Rs. 5000 for a successful referral. Since the app is relatively new, their promotional campaign includes a great referral reward. Therefore, the platform can be extremely rewarding if you know how to reap the benefits that it comes with. 

Rummy Time app is a multilingual app that makes it a great place for people of different linguistic backgrounds. The bonuses do not come with wagering conditions. You can use your bonus, and if you win, you are welcome to withdraw the money. 

Hacks to Double Your Money 

Now that we know enough about the app let us quickly look at the hacks that will help you double your money in seconds. 

Referral Code

Like we already mentioned, Rummy Time comes with an extravagant referral scheme that can make you win up to a whopping 5000 bucks. You can win a money reward for your friend winning a game. Though it sounds too good to be true, allow us to explain. If your friend plays a game for rs. 1000 and ends up winning it, they get a rs.10 bonus on the winning amount and you could earn some money too. Therefore, no matter which game they choose to play, if they win, it is a win win for you as well. 

Use Your Bonus Wisely 

Most online money games offer bonuses to their first-time players. But they all come under a strict condition- wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is the multiple of your bonus that you must wager before you can withdraw your money. However, in the case of Rummy Time, you can very well use your bonus without having to deposit your money at all. And if you win, you can withdraw your winnings too. This way, you can play the game for real and see if you like it around there or not.

Using your bonuses wisely can make you win a large amount of money without investing anything from your pockets. Instead of withdrawing your bonus, use it to play low stakes games and aim to win around rs. 1000. Now you can keep rolling this money as you go forward and win in thousands or even lakhs. 

Use Rummy Time bonuses judiciously. 

Promo Codes 

Since Rummy Time is a new platform, it wishes to penetrate the market, and to do so, it offers several promotional codes and schemes. So, if you keep an eye on the running offers and promotions, you might be able to double your gain simply by entering a promo code. 

Know Your Game Well

Once you have exhausted your bonuses and referral codes, you would still want to double your gains, isn’t it? And to ensure that happens, you must understand and master the game of Rummy. It requires you to be very attentive and strategic while playing. The best way is to keep practicing whenever you are free. Once you make your gameplay strong, you will leave with a good amount of money every time you play. Some of the tactics that you can use at your Rummy game are: 

  • Do not become predictable 
  • Be calm 
  • Avoid using odd cards 
  • Create a pure sequence 
  • Do not retain high-value cards for long 
  • Use your Joker card wisely 
  • Keep an eye on the cards that your opponents are discarding 
  • Try to memories the cards that go into the discard pile 
  • Get rid of weak cards

Play Low Stakes 

Investing too much may not work in your favor all the time. You never know which opponent you will go against, and thus it is best to participate in games that do not require too many buy-ins. You do not want to lose a lot. The idea should be to win more than your stake, which can be achieved by playing multiple games with smaller amounts. This strategy will increase your probability of winning. 

Rummy Time is a platform that is great for entertainment and from a monetary point of view. The hacks mentioned above will help you make the best use of your money and give you amazing rewards. 


Investing in online apps or website can be risky for you. You will loose your hard earned money, if you don’t have proper experience or knowledge about the money making apps or websites. We advised you to make your self sure, before playing or investing in any money making app or websites. We are not responsible for any kind of losses or damages. This article is just for informational purposes.

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