Top 5 TV Series to Watch on Netflix Right Now!

Are you tired of navigating countless alternatives on your streaming service without being able to decide which TV show would genuinely hold your interest? With so much to watch across multiple streaming platforms, what should you pay attention to? Look nowhere else!

We have put together a list of the top 5 Netflix TV shows to watch right now so you can easily satisfy your new binge-craving passion. Millions of series lovers all over the world choose Netflix as their preferred platform due to its wide range of show selections, easy viewing, and original content.

Relax, close the door, get comfy on your bed, grab some popcorn, and start watching these amazing web series in 4K/Ultra HD on Netflix Premium on lightning-fast internet. All you need to do is get in touch with the Xfinity customer service team to take your viewing experience to a whole other level.

Top 5 TV Series to Watch on Netflix Right Now!


“What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean.”

Dark is a brain-scrambling science fiction series that will either keep you hooked or make you give up after the first few episodes. My suggestion is to give it a chance if you want to know what it is like to travel through a wormhole and frictionless space to another parallel dimension in the past or future. Yes, time travel is at the core of this series, but that is not all as it fundamentally explores the themes of fate, chaos, betrayal, blind passion, and aggressive ambition and how they ultimately lead to the downfall of man.

One of the greatest sci-fi thrillers ever made. A masterpiece that takes influence from both Greek and Shakespearean tragedy, offering mind-boggling struggles of individual characters through time. The show circles four families in the German Town of Winden, exploring broken relations, dual identities, and dark pasts that span over four generations. We won’t bore you with any more details to spoil the fun and will suggest exploring the nail-biting mystery on your own.

The 100

“Life is about more than just surviving.”

If you are into post-apocalyptic sci-fi thrillers, then this series is a must-watch for you. To make the plot simple enough, it is a mixture of ‘Lord of the Flies with ‘Planet of Apes’, where human convicts come back to Earth to meet hostile forces and an apocalypse of their creation. An adaptation of Kass Morgan’s novel of the same name, it has a strong and riveting storyline that explores the themes of futuristic dystopia, power, betrayal, and survival.

Based on the distant future it focuses on the lives of human survivors that have taken refuge in space from the nuclear destruction of planet Earth. The suspenseful moments and thrilling sequences make it a high-intensity guilty pleasure that should not be overlooked while searching for a new show.


“How much are you willing to sacrifice to get to the truth?”

An enthralling mystery with a pinch of family drama, Manifest is a blend of ‘Lost’ and ‘This is Us’ all patched up together. The storyline is however unique and keeps you tightly hooked to your seats, primarily revolving around the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of flight 828. Central to its plot are themes of faith, death, loss, divine intervention, and supernatural epiphanies.

A mixture of magical realism and supernatural mystery, Manifest will make you believe in forces of nature that play a major role in our everyday lives. The show’s only flaw is that you have to keep track of a multitude of characters over four seasons. In any case, it is an imaginative series that will keep you hooked to the chase, thrill, and plenty of solid entertainment.

Never Have IEver

“I could never be a model. I’m too curvaceous.”

A coming-of-age teenage rom-comwith a pinch of Indian masala, Never Have I Have Ever is a funny, bittersweet, and charming series that showcases the life of an Indian-American high school student coping with the recent demise of her father amid the last three years in Highschool. Pushing a fresh and imaginative approach toward teen shows, it rejuvenates the audience with equal parts of sassy comedy chops, cringy romance, and heartbreak.

It also explores the themes of diasporic angst and familial expectations, which makes the show much more multi-dimensional. It provides a realistic picture of Indian-American culture while abandoning the usual stereotypical portal of Indians in sitcoms. Packed with goofy moments and relatable experiences, Never Have I Ever willtake you back to high school!

Kim’s Convenience

“Holy s***, Mr. Kim, you is Bruce Lee and Jet Li all rolled into one plump Korean!”

With millions of laugh-out-loud moments, Kim’s Convenience explores the lives of a Korean immigrant family and their misadventures in Toronto. A screwball comedy at its very best, it delves right into the family values of a Korean immigrant family. From their styles of running a convenience store to their peculiar yet hilarious practicality, and finally draws parallels between the differences between first and second-generation immigrants. Heartwarming and authentic, family comedies have never produced such great humor.

If you like strong multi-dimensional characters with the ability to strike a deep bond with the viewer then this show is a must-watch! The show primarily revolves around Mr. Kim the patriarch of the Kim Household, his wife, and their two children and how both generations cope with a foreign culture in their everyday lives. This show will make you question your values by presenting flawed yet complete reflections on the importance of core family values like love, empathy, honesty, integrity, and kindness. With its cringe-worthy moments, complex storylines, and solid characters Kim’s Convenience is what you call wholesome entertainment.

In Short,

We hope that this list provides you with the ideal binge cravings to keep you entertained while you curl up in the warmth of your favorite blanket. These shows have something for everyone, offering a variety of genres with engaging storytelling. So, don’t get fussy to hit the play button and go on a voyage full of tension, mystery, drama, humor, and moving scenes. Happybinge-watching!

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