Top 7 games we enjoyed playing in 2022

Games have become a major part of our entertainment industry over the past few decades, offering hours of fun and adventure for people of all ages. From the early days of classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man to the modern era of online multiplayer games like CoD and Fortnite, there are countless games that we’ve enjoyed playing.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best games we’ve enjoyed playing in 2022, spanning a wide range of genres and platforms.

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There’s much more to Norco than meets the eye. It may look like a well-dressed homage to classic LucasArts adventures, but it’s not long before you realize that this game is something special. This point-and-click adventure uses simple environmental puzzles and sharp writing to tell an incredible story. It’s a clever meditation on rural decay, set in the visually stunning depiction of southern Louisiana. Norco has a very raw and honest presentation, which is hard not to love. Developer Geography of Robots deserves praise for creating such a complex package. Norco is an enchanting world that you will want to explore.


Aviator, an online casino game, is becoming increasingly popular with players because of its ability to win real cash. For example, even a $5 bet can result in a $500 reward.

Spribe’s game is a top-rated game because it evokes bright emotions and creates high interest in users. The slot machine became one of the top-rated in 2023. This system is transparent and fair, based on Provably Fair Technology.

You will be tested as a pilot who is desperate during the game. Your earnings are determined by the altitude at which your plane rises. This height influences the coefficient, which multiplies your bet. Therefore, it is important to withdraw your winnings as long as the plane is flying. You lose your money if the plane flies off and you haven’t time to withdraw it. You can find Aviator online here.

Victoria 3

“Victoria 3” is an exceptional grand strategy game that allows players to manage the politics and economics of detailed states struggling to maintain stability during a period of significant transformation. This latest game from Paradox is incredibly immersive, with a plethora of nation-building features that make it an outstanding choice for strategy game enthusiasts. Although there are some minor rough spots, the game’s overall ambition is truly remarkable, and it offers an unparalleled gaming experience.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Are you looking for a description of an amazing game with stunning visuals, thrilling stealth-action sequences, and compelling characters? Look no further than the incredible follow-up to 2019’s “A Plague Tale: Innocence” by developer Asobo Studio. In this sequel, the studio has addressed criticism by enhancing combat options and providing more intricate puzzle-solving opportunities while building upon the game’s main selling point: the awe-inspiring hordes of rats that scurry across breathtaking sun-drenched landscapes. While it may seem reminiscent of a Naughty Dog game, this masterpiece is uniquely crafted by Asobo Studio and promises an unforgettable gaming experience.


Step into a world of fantasy where dragons and mechanical suits are commonplace, and the fate of a continent is in your hands. Chained Echoes is a 16-bit SNES-style RPG that follows a group of heroic adventurers as they embark on a quest to bring an end to generations of war and deception. Through their travels across the vast continent of Valandis, players will encounter charming characters, breathtaking landscapes, and deadly enemies.

With a strong emphasis on storytelling, Chained Echoes immerses players in a rich and vibrant world where the heroes must navigate through a variety of unique and diverse environments. From windswept plateaus to mystical archipelagos and sunken cities to forgotten dungeons, the journey promises to be an unforgettable one. Can you rise to the challenge and restore peace to a war-torn land?

Vampire Survivors

Is it a good game, or is it a powerful one? This question is not important because Vampire Survivors bring so much joy. It’s all in the Katamari curve. You go from being a lone warrior with a weak whip attack to a wandering pile of fireworks with sparks flying everywhere. Do not stop to think. Just chug your way through the popcorn crush. What if the only thing you have to aim for is unlocking the next level? Some games are mindlessly clever. It is very difficult to stop playing.


The protagonist, who is forced to attend a high school in Tokyo, has a strange nightmare. You are truly a prisoner to fate. You will soon be ruined. However, the goal of “rehabilitation,” looming over his head, forces him to save others by wearing the mask of a Phantom thief.

Persona 5 Royal is a brand-new RPG based on the Persona universe!Join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts by wearing the mask of Joker. Stage grand heists and break free from modern society’s chains to infiltrate corrupt minds and force them to change! Persona 5 Royal features new characters, story depth, locations to explore, and grappling hooks for stealthy entry into new areas. Prepare to improve your metaverse abilities and daily life with a new Shujin Academy semester.

Disclaimer – The article is just for informational purposes. Online earning money games can be addictive and also there are chances that you can lose your hard earned money too. So play it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any kind of loss or damage.

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