Transformative Impact of a 10kW On-Grid Solar System: A Zero Electricity Bill Triumph in Kota, Rajasthan

The installation of a 10kW On-Grid Solar System is a groundbreaking step toward sustainability for a store in Kota city, Rajasthan. This foresighted choice has resulted in a completely eliminated electricity cost and has helped greatly reduce their carbon impact. A solar loan, with a monthly EMI of Rs 10,000, allowed for the installation of this solar system.

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Abundant sunlight in Kota

Kota is well-suited for the production of solar energy due to its high levels of solar radiation. The 10kW On-Grid Solar System effectively uses this renewable energy source, producing 50-60 units of power per day. This success not only promises significant energy savings but also provides the community with a role model for the responsible use of energy.

Core components

Best solar panel setup from Loom Solar, a Solar inverters made for On-Grid systems, a solid Panel Stand, a time-saving Installation Kit, and a Net Meter are the backbone of this productive solar setup. Each part is essential to the system’s operation and works together to convert energy efficiently and connect to the existing power grid.

Efficiency and durability

The system relies on high-quality, long-lasting Solar Panels manufactured by Loom Solar. Even in the dry climate of Rajasthan, these panels transform solar energy into useful electricity with astonishing efficiency. The Solar Inverter, designed for On-Grid systems, makes it easy to connect the shop’s solar panels to the power grid so that net metering can be utilized.

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Secure and efficient setup

The solar system’s reliability and longevity are bolstered with the addition of the Installation Kit and Panel Stand. The Stand holds the panels at an angle that maximizes their exposure to the sun, which in turn increases the amount of energy harvested, all thanks to the Kit’s foolproof installation instructions. The Net Meter is an essential tool for monitoring the flow of energy between the solar array and the utility grid; this allows for more precise billing and highlights the store’s role in green energy production.

Easy installments

This amazing success demonstrates not only the viability of solar energy to meet the energy needs of enterprises, but also the soundness of such investments from a monetary standpoint. The solar loan’s monthly payment of Rs 10,000 is offset by the absence of the electricity bill, creating a positive cash flow situation for the store.

Environmental stewardship and responsible energy consumption

The installation of the 10kW On-Grid Solar System has benefits beyond the monetary ones. It serves as an example of environmental responsibility and responsible energy use. This store has become a model of eco-friendliness in the middle of Kota, Rajasthan, by using solar panels to generate electricity.


In conclusion, a shop in Kota, Rajasthan, has experienced a dramatic change in its energy landscape after a 10kW On-Grid System of Solar Panel Installation. This solar venture not only demonstrates the practicality of renewable energy solutions but also opens the road toward a cleaner and more sustainable future with its reduced carbon footprint, minimal power bill, and substantial daily energy output.

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