Twitter Trends – Stop Being Jealous of Rubina – Big Boss14 Controversy

We know that big boss is full of entertainment and hell to live in too. All the contestant try to give their best to for get to win the title of Big Boss. Many times in the house, the ugly fights between the contestant is get personal. 

Previously, In season of big boss 13 we see the big fight between Asim Riaz & Siddarth, which became personal and horrible for viewers and for other contestants.  Now, again the ugly fight between the two female contestant is ruling the Twitter Trends.

Twitter Trends- Stop Being Jealous of Rubina | Rubina & Jasmin

Starting of the Big Boss Season 14, Rubina & Jasmin are became very bonded with each other. Rubina and Jasmin both are perform good, but after few episode jasmine not able to continue her spot in the big boss and get evicted.

After the eviction, their friendship is not more like before as in big boss house.  

The fight between these both star are now trending on Twitter. Which their fans are also involved in the same. The arguments between fans of both actress heated the twitter from last 3 days.

As currently, both these actress are top trending topic on twitter with hashtags #JasminKeGharHumJaenge and #StopBeingJealousOfRubina.

Jasmin Fan Vs Rubina Fans

The Chaos between Jasmin Fans & Rubina Fans are now become a race match. As fans of the both actress trying to tweet maximum hashtags supporting in their favor.

The ugly fight between these (Rubina & Jasmin) started during the party, where Rubina, questioned to Abhinav, Who will go to Jasmin’s House?  Abhinav, Arshi and Nikita makes joke on it and laugh on the same.

After this incident, Jasmin Fans storm the twitter with hashtags #JasminKeGharHumJaenge to show support for her. Afterwards, Rubina fan’s also get part of this and started supporting Rubina with hashtags #StopBeingJealousOfRubina.

Some Trending Tweets of Fans of Rubina & Jasmin

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