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Types of Web Browser | August 2019 | LetMeThink.in

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Hello guys, today I am going to tell you about the types of web browser we have. We always use a web browser to visit a specific web page. The browser gives us the ability to access online resources. It’s a software program that allows us to find webpage over on internet community. You can say it’s like a bridge between the user and online data.

Today, We are going to discuss the features and performance of different web browser. Those who are equal in service but different from each other due to their compatibility, usage, and quality. Lots of web browser offering a best and quality feature to give you the best results over on internet browsing.

It’s very difficult to analyze because we have various types of web browser those who are best. But we try to figure out who is one of the best in terms of the user interface, privacy & security.

So let’s begin the post.

Google Chrome – (Types of Web Browser)

Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. It’s developed by Google LLC. You can operate easily to Microsoft Windows Linux Mac OS iOS and Android. If you buy an Android phone or iOS phone it will be e provided by the company inbuilt.

Google chrome is founded in September 2008. You can use this browser in desktop as well as in mobile. It’s the open-source browser you can easily download from Apple store or Google play store. As the latest report, 71% user uses the chrome browser in their desktop and over on smartphones for the browsing purpose. In terms of uses, Google chrome is very user-friendly. Due to Google product, it has a good trust over on user in terms of security.

types of browser

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla foundation builds Mozilla Firefox well known as Firefox. It’s an open-source web browser. You can download it’s from their official website and any other third party website for Android or window, Mac or iOS. The Firefox is also available for the smartphone users it tabs users. It’s founded in September 2002. It’s available in more than 80 languages. In terms of uses, Mozilla Firefox is easy to use smaller faster and more secure. It also provides you to a cleaner interface to delete cache and improve your downloading speed. It’s market share near boat 4.64 %. (Ratio from State Counter June 2019). But its share in mobile browsers just only 0.35% (ratio from State Counter June 2019).

types of browser

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is the oldest working since 1995. It’s developed by buying Microsoft. Its first launch for window 95 it’s in the initial release. This is the widely used internet browser in the world. The project starting in 1994. Now, these days Internet explorer getting tough competition from Firefox and Google chrome. But in terms of security Internet explorer is more secure than any other browser available in the market. Many old websites you can easily e open in internet explorer. According to online communities, Internet Explorer market share is around 8.55 percent.

types of browser


Opera is one of the best-using web browsers that can be used on Microsoft Windows Android iOS and LINUX operating systems. Its founder is Chinese businessman Zhou Yahui. Actually, the owner of the Opera web browser who is a founder of Beijing Kunlun Tech. Its handling Chinese cybersecurity work and also making the mobile games. Opera browser is also user-friendly browser. Its has a distinct user interface and many useful features. Opera is also a very old web browser, it’s founded in  April 1995.

Some important features

  • Usability and accessibility
  • Privacy and security
  • Crypto wallets support

Due to a Chinese company. It has a total market share of 2.28 %. But it has a good interface and features, that you will love.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the web browser developed by the Microsoft company in July 2015. In 2017, Microsoft edge is also launched for Android and IOS platform. It has a great feature in terms of uses. It gives you superior power efficiency in comparison to other web browsers. The Microsoft edge having better JavaScript and performance compared to others it provides you the similar performance 2 do Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge is also faster than other browsers in some features.

The market share of Microsoft edge is only 4.81%. due to strong competitors like Firefox Google Chrome or Internet explorer. It’s slowly gaining user sharing per year.

So this is the top internet web browser and most of the people using this browser including me.

I had a great time with Google chrome personally. It gives me a simple user interface and also provides me good downloading management.  It also suggests a strong password for your email or social media profiles. I easily manage my password with the help of Google chrome. Due to Google, I deeply trust on Google chrome. Hope you like my post types of web browser please do share and like.

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