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Urfi Javed’s Style Is Not Easy To Copy, After Ranveer Singh, Urfi Joins The Naked Trend


Even on the occasion of Eid, Urfi Javed flaunted his confident appearance. Anyone’s eyes would be astonished by Urfi’s strapless blouse because it was so exposing. No angle of Urfi Javed’s blouse in this picture makes it apparent. Urfi appears to have draped the sari over the matching bra. Additionally, these actress photographs spread like wildfire on social media. Although Urfi white and pink sari was stunning, the actress’s choice of blouse cut made them think of their grandmothers. Urfi made some quite large incisions in her blouse to give it a striking appearance.

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Urfi Javed Shared This Post On Instagram

Urfi was seen in the video showing off her figure in front of the camera. Additionally, this video is interesting due of the background music, “Roop Suhana Lagata Hai.” In the video, Urfi can be seen playing her own kind of magic while coyly lying down.

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A post shared by Uorfi (@urf7i)

On his Instagram page, Urfi Javed posted the video with his followers. As soon as the actress released the video, admirers began commenting on it with emojis of fire and heart. Actress Riddhima Pandit commented on this Urfi video at the same moment, writing, “Nice.” Let us inform you that the video has received more than 1 lakh likes so far.

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After Ranveer Singh, Urfi Javed Covered Himself With Nude Rose Petals

Urfi Javed is shown in the video laying naked while rose petals fall from the sky. With these blossoms, Urfi has coated her entire body. In this video, Bebaak Urfi can be seen smiling while laying on the ground.

Urfi Javed isn’t covered up by a shirt or a bra in this video. This time, Urfi draped rose petals over her entire body. The moment the actress released this footage, social media went into overdrive, and everyone was shocked by what they saw. (Read more:- Sanjay Dutt Gym Look)

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