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How Does Vikramadithyan Movie Download Tamilrockers in Full HD?

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What is Vikramadithyan Movie?

Lal Jose co-produced and directed the Indian action comedy-drama movie Vikramadithyan in 2014. Dulquer Salmaan, Namitha Pramod, and Unni Mukundan all appear in the movie. In the movie, Nivin Pauly had a cameo appearance. Iqbal Kuttippuram wrote the screenplay, while Jomon T. John is in charge of the photography. Bijibal is the composer of the music. On July 25, 2014, the movie was released in time for Eid-ul-Fitr.

All Details Vikramadithyan Movie

Movies NameVikramadithyan
Release Date25 July 2014
Directed byLal Jose
Written byDr. Iqbal Kuttippuram
Produced byLal Jose, Mohan Nambiar
StarringDulquer Salmaan, Namitha Pramod, Unni Mukundan
CinematographyJomon T. John
Edited byRanjan Abraham
Music byBijibal
Production CompaniesLJ Films, Multiplex Movies
Distributed byLJ Films
Running time145 minutes

Vikramadithyan Movie Storyline

Witty thief Kunjunni Menon is in love with police officer Lakshmi. One day, while keeping tabs on her, he learns that she wants to wed a police officer. Despite his mother’s concerns, Laksmi’s coworker Vasudeva Shenoy announces his wish to marry her. Before Shenoy can persuade his mother, Kunjunni marries Lakshmi by pretending to be a police policeman. Shenoy then marries, and on the same day, both couples are blessed with sons. A week before enlisting, Vikram, Shenoy’s son, proposes to Deepika, a childhood acquaintance. Vikram is currently a SI.

At the same time, Lakshmi’s long-missing son Adithyan makes his way back to the city. The narrative then shifts to several flashbacks. Even when Lakshmi learns that Kunjunni betrayed her, they continue to act as though they are a happy couple. However, a young Adithyan continues to think that his father is a police officer. He and Vikram start competing against one another in school and make the bet that the loser shall salute the winner. They keep this tradition into adulthood. Adithyan consistently loses. One day, Shenoy and his crew catch Kunjunni in the act of attempting to steal, and he is then led down the street half-naked. Adithyan, who is upset, is watching the incident with pals.

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