Vishal and Rashmi’s steal pasta | Fights between Sidharth and Vishal


A promo of Bigg Boss 13 was released from the official twitter account by Bigg Boss. In This, showed some glimpses of what will be happened @ tonight episode. In the Promo, you can see Rashmi and Vishal steal the pasta and eat the same without the permission of the housemates.

Housemates are not aware of this incident. But there is no way to hide from Bigg Boss. Bigg boss called them in the confession room. In which, Bigg Boss asked them “what you do last night”. They both got shocked and Rashmi Desai told that to Bigg Boss We take the pasta and eat.

Bigg Boss tells both the contestant Vishal and Rashmi that you guys have stolen, which is totally out of tolerance. Bigg Boss asks both of them  “Who was the pasta for?” Then Vishal replies that this pasta was for them who won the luxury budget.

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The same Vishal says that I have only done satanic but Bigg Boss responds by saying that. This is not satanic, it is a well-planned conspiracy.  Vishal admits his mistake and says that I knew that I was stealing and it would have some effect.

Finally, after listening to Vishal and Rashmi’s apology in the confession room. Bigg Boss told that to both  “you will have to suffer the consequences of what you have done and the punishment is that all the food items come in the luxury budget, will be kept in store. And Bigg Boss also says that you gather all the housemates and tell them these things and keep all the food in storage.

After this, Vishal and Rashmi gather all housemates in the living area. Where they both apologies for what they do last night and also tell housemates that we have to put all the food items in storage those who we get from the luxury budget.

After this  Sidharth, Paras, and Vishal get into arguments with each other. Sidharth was too upset with Vishal’s wrongdoings.

So this is the latest happening in the Bigg Boss 13 house. For full information don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss 13 tonight at 9 PM.

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