You can now get Top Gun: Maverick for your ultimate home movie marathon.

It was one of the biggest films the world has seen in years and is going to be the biggest home media release of 2022

Top Gun: Maverick is currently available for purchase on digital platforms and will likely keep playing in theatres.On November 1,the 4K UltraHD,Blu-ray,and DVD releases will occur.

Top Gun: Maverick digital rollout. After noting how the sequel had been in development since 2010

That's precisely what Tom Cruise did 36 years after he first ruled the globe with Top Gun, he returned to the skies in Top Gun: Maverick and did it all over again.

Top Gun: Maverick is available if purchased digitally off of platforms like Prime Video, Vudu, and Google Play where it is currently listed at $19.99.

During the opening Darkstar sequence, Maverick is able to eclipse Mach 10 speed, traveling in his hypersonic plane.

Hit a setback when Tony Scott, the original Top Gun’s director who’d been slated to reprise his helming duties, died in 2012