What are the latest techniques used in cancer surgery?

Surgery is a common and definitive way to remove cancerous cells from the patient’s body. In this operation, the doctor takes out the affected part or tumor, along with some nearby tissue.

Though it is a very old cancer treatment, it is still used today to treat various cancers. Thus, to get treated by a reliable and expert surgical oncologist, you can contact an oncology hospital in Bangalore.

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In many cases, surgery can remove a tumor and help your body to work properly. However, cancer surgery also helps in finding out some other important pieces of information, like:

  • What is the location of cancer?
  • If the patient has cancer
  • If it is affecting other organs of the body, etc.

There are different types of surgeries are treatments that are used in treating cancer in an oncology hospital in Bangalore. Some of those are:

1. Tumor removal

The removal of the tumor is a common way to treat cancer. This kind of surgery is known as “excision” or “resection.” In this procedure, the doctor usually takes out the tumor and a small part of the healthy tissue near it, known as the margin.

This process of tumor removal needs a larger cut or incision than a biopsy. Sometimes, a few less invasive cancer surgeries are used to remove the tumor, like robotic surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

2. Palliative surgery

This surgery is done to relieve the side effects of the tumor. If one has advanced cancer, this kind of surgery can increase their quality of life.

3. Debulking

Through this procedure, a part of the tumor is removed. In some cases, the entire tumor cannot be removed as it may affect the other parts of the body. Thus, the doctor can remove as much part of the tumor as possible through debulking.

4. Reconstructive surgery

This type of surgery is done to help the patient with the effects of the cancer treatment.  

Latest technologies in cancer surgery

Nowadays, there are various types of techniques that can help in accurate cancer treatment and surgery, most of which can be found in the best hospital for cancer surgery in Bangalore. Some of those are:

1. Thoracoscopic surgery

In this procedure, a thoracoscope or a thin tube is put through the body, mainly the chest, along with a tiny video camera. Thus, the doctor can easily see the inside chest of the patient. The doctor can take tissue samples from the concerned areas and even can remove small tumors from the surface of the lung.

2. Laparoscopic surgery

In this procedure, a thin, long, and flexible tube is put through inside the body with a small cut. Sometimes, this is also used in the biopsy. Laparoscopy is also used to remove some kinds of tumors. With the help of Laparoscopic surgery, the patient will lose less amount of blood and feel less pain afterward

3. Robotic surgery

This is a specific thoracoscopic or laparoscopic surgery, where precise robotic arms control surgical tools. Thus, it can result in less blood loss and pain; hence, it can help patients heal faster.

4. Laser surgery

This procedure uses a powerful beam of light to cut through tissue. This light beam can also burn and destroy cancer tumors effectively.

5. Electrosurgery

In this kind of cancer surgery, a high-frequency electrical current is used to eliminate the cancer cells.

6. Cryosurgery

In this kind of surgery procedure, a liquid nitrogen spray kills the abnormal cells in the patient’s body. A scan is often used to guide the probe to where the cancer cells are located.

Therefore, nowadays, many technologies can help in effective cancer treatment. However, if you are looking for the most successful treatment, you can contact an oncology hospital in Bangalore.

Disclaimer:- This article is just for informational purposes. We are not a health advisor or certified physician. Kindly do counsel with the authorized doctor, before taking any decision.

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