What is Black Hat SEO and is illegal or not ? | August 2019

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What is Black hat SEO and is illegal or not ?. As the digital marketing industry growing day by giving good results to their clients. Everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google on a particular keyword. As employment in the Digital Marketing field is growing. Lot’s of New Companies are working for their clients over on thousands website and product and there just only focus on How to rank on top of the Google Search Result. Thousands of companies committed to their clients they would rank the product on Google search result page.

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As resulted in techniques to rank on keyword developed by experts. Some are good and some are bad. But these techniques depend on the needs of users. What is your goal “Short Term” or Long Term”.  If you want to get the first rank on a particular keyword you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the website.  First of all, we just know about “what is SEO”? And how it works?

Most of the people who related to this field are know that. But most of you not aware of the SEO maybe a little bit. So SEO is the technique that makes your web page ranked over search engine results. It helps you to get good traffic and engagement and conversion if you selling something online. SEO also helps you to earn through huge traffic. If you have your blog website and you are getting a good amount of traffic so you can monetize your website and earn. I will cover this in another article, But first SEO.

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Many digital marketing professionals & experts are learning, implementing new techniques to get higher in ranking in the search results. They developed various techniques in SEO.

So, there are three methods to rank a website on a particular keyword.

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO

The above-mentioned practices are different from each other. In this article, we just talk about only “what is Black hat SEO”.

What is Black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is the process with you to perform illegal tactics to rank a website. Google algorithm is not allowing this bad SEO technique. The Black hat SEO techniques will increase a site page ranking in the search results, but it also violates terms of conditions of Google webmaster. It’s like breaking the terms or conditions of a parameter set by Google. The Black hat techniques only focus on search engine ranking, not on a human audience. That’s why Google dislikes the Black hat SEO and charged a penalty as per their policy.


Some example of Bad SEO

  • Spam indexing
  • Keyword stuffing,
  • Tiny, hidden text & links.
  • Cloaking 
  • Spamming in the form of Blog Commenting.
  • Private Blog Network (PBN).
  • Redirections
  • Paid Backlinks
  • Link Farming
  • Invisible Keywords

Is Black hat SEO legal or not?

Black hat SEO is completely illegal. If Google detects any suspicious activity regarding Black hat SEO so you all efforts will penalize by Google as per their terms and conditions mention officially.

what is black hat seo

What is the benefit?

Black hat SEO is not for a longer time.  Black hat SEO can easily rank your site in SERP. It will increase your daily visitors and ranking. If you have done correctly might it work until getting discovered by Google search bots? We will not recommend you if you want to you looking growth for a long time but if you want it

We will not a requirement for you to perform Black hat SEO techniques. Because it’s a hundred percent illegal and your website will be penalized by Google so just stay out of this.


Techniques Required  

Keyword stuffing

This technique performing webspam or spam indexing. In a single article where you add irrelevant keywords in the form of meta tag, anchor text gains unfair ranking in search engines.

Below is the image that shows you how is keyword stuffing looks like.


Clocking is the technique that presents the content different to the user and Google search engine. This is irrelevant in terms of variety because this type of technique only to use rank higher in search engines, not for the user needs.


Creating redirection to one domain to another is a part of black hat SEO techniques. If you use JavaScript for redirection in the sum of terms it will possible. Redirection is only be used if you change your previous domain due to genuine reasons.

Invisible keywords

Adding invisible keywords to your webpage is not allowed by Google.

Acquiring Paid Backlinks

The backlink is very important in the ranking in search engines. There are lots of techniques to make backlinks. But in the Black hat SEO buying paid backlinks are not valid, as per the webmaster guidelines. Any of the companies provide the service of backlinks at different prices. Whenever Google identifies this kind of service provider so it will penalize the service provided domain and also penalized the website acquire from them.

Link Farming

Pink farming is a group of a website that it makes for only link building. This kind of website required a targeted keyword and short description. This site has low-quality content and ratings those who not impact as a natural link.

Google is so smart and it is known that you are doing link farming. So you have to just avoid the link farming if you want to work longer.

Private Blog Network

A private blog network is like a link farming that has authoritative websites that only made for link building. It was similar to the link wheel and pyramid. The PBN Sites are not links to each other but mainly they connected with the main site those who want ranking in the search engine.

The private blog network is normally working on expired domains those who have already up built up authority. This search engine is very smart, that easily detects the PBN network and hits your website with severe penalties.

Why you don’t have to perform Black Hat SEO practices.

It gives you the ranking buy not provides you they longtime awareness. As Search Engines constantly advance their algorithm. They will easily detect your bad SEO practices and this will create a bad consequence for your brand or website. Getting a penalty from search engines will trigger your site to slide down in the results of the search or worse, it could be deleted. This means that your website is acquiring fewer traffic.

Hope you like my article as always! Keep sharing and commenting! This article only for information purpose. We are not supporting to perform this kind of illegal activity.

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