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Facebook is a social media portal, where user can connect with other users and make them friend, chat with them, share pictures or videos with them, share own stories on the timeline, make video call also. It’s a great place, where people share their thought. Facebook allows a user to start live streaming facilities. You can access Facebook via smartphones, laptops, laptops, and desktops.

Facebook Story’ A Jump Start Story                                                               

Facebook founded by Mark Zukerberg and Edward Saverinm, Eduardo SaverinAndrew McCollumDustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. They all are college-going students. Mark Zuckerberg and the team initially launch facebook for Harvard students. After making more efficient they launch it to another university like Columbia, Yale and Stanford University. Its officially launch in 2004, American university student suggests the name Facebook to Mark Zukerberg team and after consideration with a team this social portal named Facebook.


Face-Book Steps towards to Growth

After the initial launch of Facebook. Its gaining popularity in youths and this portal was very popular between school and college students. After gaining some investment, facebook was stepped forward to success. Facebook launches its IPO in 2012, and it’s the first company that has the largest value at that time.

Facebook User Base

Today facebook is the biggest social medic platform. More than 2.3 billion people are using facebook actively. Daily, 1 billion chats have occurred on Facebook. Facebook is the very easiest platform to use in terms of the user. Due to it’s easy to use the platform, normal people who have not familiar with a computer can easily use this.

Facebook Messenger App

In, 2015, Facebook launched its messenger app and it’s very famous between users. Its instant messaging app, you can use this app for instant messaging and video chat or group chats. You can also share images and videos on the same. It is free to use the app and you can download it from the ios app store or Google play store for android. Due to its free service, you can enjoy it, without pay anything. You can also use this on a desktop or laptops.



Facebook earning through “What?”

Facebook is the most used social platform at that time. Due to billions of user databases, facebook revenue generated through online ads and promotions. According to a recent report, Facebook is earned 3 billion USD through online advertisement.

If we talk, it initially launches IPO in the USA share market in 2012. It is the largest IT firm that announces 421, 233, 615 shares capital on the price of 38 dollar and due to this, they just easily raised around 16.007 billion in just a few months. Facebook Incorporated in NASDAQ (USA Share Market).

Facebook is also earning through online advertisements. Approximately facebook generated its revenue through online digital adds. Facebook performs adds for their clients. They offer engagement, facebook page likes, lead generation, traffic to websites. It also uses the bid strategies like Google Ad-sense. It also uses demographic and targets location system.

Facebook ads perform their work very well. Brand promotion on Facebook is very impressive. It gave lots of attention to targeted users. Many Corporate brands, e-commerce companies, and celebrities use this service and due to that Facebook is generating huge revenue from the same.

How to use FaceBook?

Facebook is a very user-friendly social portal, you can make your account easily on that. If you were new and want to create your account, just follow these steps. First, you have to sign up for a new account. In which, you have to provide your Name or Mobile Number, Email address, Gender detail, Birth Date, etc and sign up. Facebook will be verifying your detail and in just a couple of moment, your account will be ready to use.


You can easily personalize your profile by adding some changes like your profile pictures or about us or cover photos.

You can also like other pages or groups. If you want to join special groups or celebrities pages, you just have to search their name in the search tab on top. I just need to click on join. Some groups adding before display you some question about yourself or why you want to the group. So just giving them and accordingly, after you will become a member of the group.

You can also add a friend to your profile. You can help in three ways that surely help you to build your friend list. First, you can import or choose from your phone contact list for adding friends. The second option is you can help find a friend button.

You can various emotions over facebook posts.

Like – Feeling Activity, Check-In, Tag Friends, Tag Events, Ask Recommendations, Create Polls, Question & Answers, Facebook Stories and lots more.

Latest controversy on Face-Book

If you have a big name or brand and revenue is mark the new height, so there is a lot of chance to happen controversies and it’s common maybe. Face-Book is facing like that, according to recent news, Face-Book book for largest fine in the corporate world by the US Federal Trade Commission regarding violating privacy terms. In the USA, Donald Trump Party spend more than 44 million dollars for its election campaign.

According to researches, Trump has increased 10% of voters due to their advertising on Face-Book. All these, the example shows that social online advertising also makes a big impact on the elections.

Now Face-Book is ready to pay the  $5 billion fined. But feels, it’s like a joke because Face-Book will retain this fine in just one month and Face-Book never feels like it’s a burden.

Is Face-Book Good or Bad (In terms of Privacy)

Face-Book is the most favorite social platform. Where the user spent lots of time to share or connect with others. But, it makes so much tension & disadvantages. Face-Book is addicting youths, lots of youth are spending their so much time on Face-Book and wasting their lots of time & we all know that time is everything. Due to that, It creates bad results of student performance in their studies.


Lots of fake profiles are created on Face-Book and this not good for Face-Book and user. Fake user bullying the users or female, spamming and 420 with the many users. Fake User / Profile is also spreading the false news over religion and hate speeches resulted lots of misunderstanding occurred and many time its end with the clash between two or more communities (Riots).

Face-Book is also facing the allegation that they heavily effect on the election. Due to that Face-Book is now facing some serious issues in many countries.

There are lots of disadvantages to Face-Book. Face-Book is making its software and user policies upgraded accordingly. Face-Book, recently fix lots of bug regarding user data privacy.


In March 2019, Face-Book removed 3.39 billion fake profiles. Their software detected and removed unused profiles and spammed or bullying accounts.

Face-Book founder Mark Zukerberg recently told media houses that, they will allow only verified users to place adds on their platform for online advertising.

Face-Book is a good place for connecting with people and sharing thoughts or making friends. But you have to be careful about these. Such kind of social platform. Don’t share your videos of personal information or bank detail or phone numbers with unknown users. If you use your Face-Book profile with the above-mentioned steps. Your account will completely secure.

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