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What is YouTube? Letmethink.in


YouTube is a American video sharing portal, that allow user to watch,share, comment and create playlist from their own. Its, headquarter in California, City San Bruno. It founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim- they are former employees of PayPal. Its founded in 2005 by this genius entrepreneurs. Later on this is sold to google in 2006. Now, YouTube is subsidiaries of Google.

YouTube is the worlds largest video sharing website, which allow user to upload and share the content in form of video. Users can also post, like and subscribe the channels.

Available of Content on YouTube:-

  1. Video Clips
  2. TV Show
  3. Music Videos
  4. Full and Short movies
  5. Trailers of latest movies
  6. You can view live streaming videos
  7. Video Blogging (Animal, Food, Education, Entertainment, Tech etc.)
  8. News Updates

YouTube Technology

YouTube uses the latest technology Dynamic Adaptive Streaming via HTTPS primarily, its uses the VP9 and H.264/MPEG- 4 AVC format but YouTube begin the change video to AV1 format.

Uploading Video Content

You Tube registered user can upload their video content easily on their Channel. YouTube accepted video format only in MPEG-PS, MP4 and FLV, Quick Time File Format, AVI, 3GP.


You may post videos to moderate scanning or overlaid scanning, but YouTube implies de-interlacing interlaced videos until submitting for the highest video quality. All YouTube video formats use gradual scanning.

Video Playback Quality

The minimum fix aspect ratio of video on YouTube is 320×240 pix. It supported HD, 4k videos format. YouTube played video in different aspect of ratio based on video format. It automatically adapt the size of each video. YouTube desktop aspect ratio is 16:9. But player of YouTube automatically change the match size of video on viewer device.


Live Streaming- YouTube

YouTube started the testing on live streaming in 2011. First time in the history, YouTube telecast live streaming of a football match on October 2012 in London Olympics. Over 10 million people watch this occasion at that time through live streaming.

YouTube Premium

YouTube launch its premium service (YouTube Red) in 2014. It’s based on paid premium membership, in which you have to pay a amount and enroll yourself with this service. After successful enrollment you able to watch video without add, you can access to exclusive videos, you can playback or watch offline video on mobile devices, and you can also access the Google play music.


Advantage of YouTube

YouTube is free video content sharing site. Its provide variety of quality videos in News, Tech News, Entertainment, Sports and Science related information. You can learn from YouTube, its really help to educating youth. Lots of online video tutorial related to many categories are open to use on YouTube free of cost.  It’s really to help people to do Social media marketing.  Many companies hire YouTube to promote their product and it’s the best online earning source of individuals. Its very easy to use platform those who allow you to earn and learn both.


You can learn anything from You Tube video like you can learn dancing on YouTube. You can learn Acting and drama on You Tube. You can learn Programming and Development of Website on YouTube. You can learn Martial art and dancing YouTube etc. It also allow to tie up with Google ad sense, in which you can earn through google ads.

Disadvantage of YouTube

If you are professional You Tube, so you just have the high cost digital cameras. Like you are posting video content on YouTube anyone can see your content and copied the same and it can be go under copyright policy. If you copying any other You Tube content more than 30 second or use their background music more than 30 second so it will also takes you to trouble. Your account will be flagged or blocked permanently. You have to post original content or own idea based content.


For parents,  you have to worry about your children, if you not enable parental lock in You Tube. Because You Tube is also displaying the adult data sexual content and violent content. Those who not good for your children. So you have to more beware about the You Tube.

How to monetize YouTube Channel for earning money?

Everyone needs money, earning. Many of people starting their you tube channel for earning but due to lack of information they failed and get back off. If you want to become a YouTuber. And want to earn money, first you have to keep passions in your mind because it will take time to earn. You Tube has their own policy according to their earning program.

If you want to earn from You Tube, you have 1000 subscriber in your channel and you have also 4000 hrs watch time in the past 12 months. This is the main condition of earning program by You Tube.


How to become YouTuber?

Just pick you topic, you interest and make research on the same. It will take time, if you do good research. After finding your interest or topic. Choose your you tube channel name. I know its difficult but you have pick that name, people feels like brand or that’s I am really looking. Choose your channel name according to your interest or topic. You can take ideas from another channel, it will help you sure to choose a good brand name. After choosing name, create your channel and post your video on the same and make these channel social linking. You can share your video to Social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lots of Social Connection online. More you share, more you gain popularity, but always focus on quality content, because user will only watch your video, if you have original and good quality content.

After completing You Tube earning program terms condition, applied for monetizing and afterwards, you will happily earn. You earning will slowly increased. So just focus on your content.


Top Subscriber based channel and earner across the globe.

Lots of You Tube Channel are create every day, Millions of people spend their much more time on YouTube for watching online video related to different categories. If we talk about popular You Tube channel those who have the heavy subscriber base and watch time. We just make a below mentioned list according most subscriber based. Please go through it.

Hope you enjoyed the article! Keep sharing! Will meet you again!

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