What Makes larimar stone rare and high valued?

When people think about what they should wear at any party, ceremonial occasions, and other functions that presents them unique, the first thought that clicks into the mind is of gemstone jewelry. Genuine gemstone jewelry attracts people’s attention towards the wearer. So the question that arises now is – Which kind of gemstone jewelry should one wear?

The first name is Larimar jewelry, which comes on the top of the choices. It could be a Larimar stone ring, pendant, earring, etc. The high demanding crystal jewelry makes the Larimar stone high valued.

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History and meaning of Larimar

Larimar gem is known for its unique superpowers. The crystal extracts from The Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Larimar is the symbol of the calm sea and sky energies. It is also known as Dolphin stone, an Atlantic stone that ranges in blue, gray, green-blue, and red. The gem looks translucent and smooth, and it is 4.5-5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Larimar meaning is clear communication and inner perception. Miguel Mandez discovered the crystal while walking on the beach and named his daughter Larissa. The first word, “Lari,” represents his daughter’s name, and the “Mar” is a Spanish word that means “Sea” makes larimar.

The crystal is also known as the “stone of vision.”. However, the larimar is not associated with any zodiac sign, but it is a highly recommended crystal for those born during springtime. The enchanting blue gem carries a lot of healing and spiritual powers with itself. Let us understand the strengths of the crystal in brief.

Healing properties of larimar

People use Larimar crystal to avail the healing benefits of the gem. It keeps a person calm, stimulates inner ability to create something creative in life, promotes willing power of the holder, and many more.

Holding a larimar gem can get rid of negative energies and sinister evils. It activates the third eye, throat, crown, and heart chakra and promotes self-healing.


larimar provides calmness and serenity into the wearer’s life and makes him think more creatively into life. It helps in removing the unproductive thoughts in your mind. It helps in making decisions towards essential aspects of life.


Larimar is a powerful emotional cleanser and therapist, especially for phobias, panic attacks, and excessive anger and fear. The stone brings calmness and equilibrium.

How to use larimar crystal

Larimar crystal can be used in different ways to get its enchanting benefits; someone can put the gem into his pocket, or the gem can be placed in a house in the prominent places and office where you spend most of the time. But it is believed that the gem is most beneficial when worn as an ornament. For example, it could be a larimar gemstone jewelry like a larimar ring, pendant, earrings, etc. However, the larimar is associated with the throat chakra, so that a larimar pendant can be good crystal jewelry. Generally, the stone is set into sterling silver metal that makes a unique combination of crystal and silver so the wearer can benefit from both silver and larimar.

Caring tips

Having a limited source of the gem makes it more valuable and extraordinary. So it becomes essential to take care of the crystal while wearing larimar gemstone jewelry, like keeping it away from kids put it off while swimming, bathing, and traveling. Extraordinary care gives your crystal life long. When cleaning the crystal, use warm water and rub its surface with a soft cotton cloth, keeping away the gem from any chemical, soap, or detergent powder.

Where to Purchase?

When buying larimar gemstone jewelry, you should consider an authentic place to purchase. Original silver gemstone jewelry is always unique in itself. Rananjay Exports is an authentic wholesaler of silver gemstone jewelry that deals in 150 plus gemstone jewelry. So visit the site now and book your favorite larimar stone jewelry.

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