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Saudi Arabia is famous for its vibrant cities, lighting, high-spirited culture, and friendly people, and it is home to many beautiful structures. There can be many things to do in a country like this. Being one of the most visited countries, KSA has many malls and skyscrapers. It has something for everyone.

Are you planning to visit KSA? Then you have come to the right place. We have seen people riding camels, racing horses, falconry, and hunting with hounds. All of these things seem fun in the pictures. Now it is time to do the fact check.

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1.   Go shopping in the local markets.

There is no point in visiting a different country if you do not shop and get yourself things that Saudi Arabia is famous for. Hence, it is necessary to know about local markets and visit them. Markets in Saudi Arabia are called Souqs. The top local markets in the country are Bisht (Al Owais) souq, Riyadh Seasonal markets, Souq Makkah, Old Bazar, Tamimi Markets, and Taibah Markets. All of these markets have a lot of options to choose from. Apart from gold, they have a collection of various other things.

These markets are a combination of various clothes stores, antique pieces, gold, restaurants, and stalls. You can find your favorite things at very affordable prices.

2.   Visit Moon Mountain.

A place that provides fantastic views, landscapes, beautiful views of sunrise and sunsets, and adventures. The cities in Saudi Arabia can be a rush, with horns and noise all around, so if you are looking for a calm and peaceful atmosphere, Moon Mountain is the place. It is located near the village of Asfan, half an hour’s drive from the city center of Dubai. You can go camping as well.

You have many activities, like stargazing, riding camels, driving four-wheels or bikes, camping, climbing the mountains, games, and sports.

3.   Explore the beaches

Everyone loves the mild breeze on their face, looking at the ocean waves, watching the horizon, and walking barefoot on the sand. We all love the serene feel of the beaches. Beaches like Jeddah, Al Khobar, Yanbu, Indigo beach, Uqair beach, and Silver Sands beach attract most of the tourists in the country.

Another great option is to visit Umluj, a coastal town located north of the city of Umluj. Here, travelers can find more than 100 small islands. You will find crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. It is safe to call Umluj “the Maldives” of Saudi Arabia.

4.   Adventure sports in deserts

Dune surfing and camel safaris are indeed fun things to do in KSA. You will have an adventurous, dusty, bumpy, yet enjoyable ride in the dunes.

In addition to traditional camel safaris in the deserts, tourists can also go for camel racing in the famous cities of Saudi Arabia. The ideal places to go for camel racing in Saudi Arabia are Riyadh, Taif, and Sharurah. If you want to enjoy camel safaris, the Al Nafud Desert and Empty Quarter are the go-to places for all safari lovers.

5.   Water Sports

Saudi Arabia is situated along the coast of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Hence the country has many options to go for water adventures. Adventure Khobar, Marine Academy, Beach water sports center, Dive Point Jeddah, and Desert Paths are some places where you will get everything you need for water sports.

From jet skiing to riding water bikes out in the ocean, they also provide you with the essential types of equipment and all the help you need before, while, and after your water adventures.

6.   Trekking

We all know such daredevils and daring souls open to trekking in the wild. JabalSawda in Asir National Park near Abha is supposed to be Saudi Arabia’s tallest peak. It offers various opportunities for camping, trekking, hiking, and many other adventures to choose from.

Trekking can be an exciting task as people sometimes engage in friendly races, discover many views from different angles of the location, and get to see beautiful mountainscapes. The activity can be enjoyable if you are going with your friends.

7.   Visit famous Monuments and Landscapes.

Tourists have unlimited options to go for when it comes to monuments and landscapes. The country is home to six UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. HegraAtTuraif, Rock Art, Historic Jeddah, Al Ahsa Oasis, and Hima Cultural Area are the six world heritage sites. These sites should top your list of go-to places in KSA.

Other than these, you can go to malls in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom Center, Panorama Mall, Red Sea Mall, Al Nakheel Mall, Al Noor Mall, and Makkah Mall are the top choices for tourists. You have great food and games areas. The malls contain a unique and highly fashionable collection of clothes for kids, men, and women.


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This piece has compiled all the fun and adventurous things to do in the official Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Make the most of your trip to KSA. Remember to refer to this article before your trip. 





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