Will Himachal Transport will continue their services from 1st June? Latest News

Where people are locked in their homes because of the Corona Virus epidemic. And many people are stuck where they came to work or went somewhere. The same situation is also in Himachal.

For those who are sitting away from their homes, the good news is that Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Jairam Thakur has planning to run buses from 1 June. Actually this will done after meeting of the Cabinet on Saturday. In which it was considered very seriously and all government and private buses will run. Following the social distancing to meet the needs of the people and not to avoid this epidemic.

Please tell the hand that in the cabinet meeting. The cabinet has stamped on this decision to run buses and Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj informed the news after the meeting.

Government also sit for planning “how to open salons and schools in Himachal Pradesh”.

The meeting also discussed the opening of salons on Monday and after implementing some rules with its social dispensing, it was ensured that all the salons in Himachal Pradesh would be opened and special for it by following the rules on Monday. Vigilance has to be taken.

Partner tell you that in all schools it has been instructed that they will be able to take their tuition fees only. As you know, due to locked down, online education is being done and it was instructed that the school children Only those schools that are teaching online can take tuition fees. 

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