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World Laughter Day

Today is the World Laughter Day, Many of you know that in first Sunday of May every year has been celebrated as Laughter Day. In this pandemic, world is facing the Covid-19 epidemic.

Due to which, millions of people affected and died previously. Almost all country imposed the curfew. All of people are locked in their house. The Corona Virus was circulated from the Wuhan, China and spread across the globe.

The laughing is very important and joyful term for each and every human. That’s why we celebrate World Laughter Day. This is also called a sweet medicine to evacuate all stress from our mind. As Now, every human is facing this epidemic of Corona virus, the World Laughter Day is going to provide some relaxation and happy moment to people.

About World Laughter Day

Laughing is process of body, in which, respiratory system and brain mechanism get the audible contractions. It can occur anytime, you don’t make it and also depends on the situation. Like you watching a comedy show, so you can laugh by watching action or sequences etc.

Benefits of Laughing

It can make our mind refresh, stress out and more important improve our blood circulation in the body.  It also helps to exercise our face muscles. By laughing you can get relives physical tensions. More you laugh more get strong immune system. It also help you decreased stress of hormones and make antibodies to fight with infection.

First World Laughter Day

The first laughter day has been celebrated in Year 1999 in January 11. This was held in India, Mumbai. The main motive to celebrate this is to make people happy, motivate them for social connection. From 1998 to till the Lughter day has been celebrated worldwide.

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