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World Sleep Day 2020 | Why It is Important For Us? | Lifestyle


World Sleep Day will take place on 14 March 2008. We wanted to just reach out to you and raise a little bit more awareness about What is sleep and why it is important for the human body?

To begin with some important things about the Sleep –

Why is World Sleep Day?

As we already stated that above about World Sleep Day, in this busy life, many of us experience some of the sleep disorders that people might not have even heard about. So the World Sleep Day’s theme is going to be better sleep, better life, better planet.

Many people don’t take proper sleep, due to which they face many health issues and mental problems. World Sleep Day is the place to aware you of the better & perfect healthy sleep.

How much sleep do we need?

Sleeping is varied from person to person, but most of the experts suggest we have to sleep 7 to 9 hrs a day regularly. I talked about children and youngsters, they need more sleep time.

Why is sleep so important?

As the human body takes lots of stress on muscles while working and mentally too. The body gets too tired and it wants to recover itself and we know it’s a natural process for the perfect functioning for work. So that’s why sleep is too important for the human body.

How Does waking up early affect your health?

Waking up early doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing your sleep. You have to just follow the rule of early sleep in the night and early wakeup in the morning. If you get 7 to 9 hrs full sleep, so there is no worry.

Is sleeping reduces stress?

Yes, good sleep can reboot all systems and functions of the body. You can feel refresh after a good sleep. Your stress level also is reduced and you also feel too much charged like a full battery.

Good sleep improves your memory and many health benefits as well. So this is true that a good Sleep get you out from stress.

So this is some main question that people looking for about sleep.


This article about world Sleep day is only to educate you about the benefits of sleep. All information collects from various websites and blogs. If you want to more about sleep benefits, please counsel with the certified expert physician.

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